The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Dark Horse

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This book will suit not only fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition, it will also be useful if you are an artist (either traditional or graphic) with a focus on high fantasy or medieval subject matter.

The scope of the artwork is impressive – character, enemy and race designs. Armour variations for the different characters, environmental art, weapon & dragon designs. Storyboard of key game scenes.

But it goes much further than that. There are details behind the motivations of the design decisions. For example, the haven chantry was built out of wood and stone as that would be the most accessible materials found in the mountains. Or how each demon was inspired by a different emotion. 

People who are interested in the video game process, especially how ideas are evolved into a playable art form, will enjoy adding this to their collection.


Published by Dark Horse Books

Hardcover, 264 pages.