Street Fighter II: Champion Edition X Replicade

by New Wave Toys

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New Wave Toys is happy to present the latest addition to the RepliCade family, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade.

This miniaturized, sixth-scale arcade machine is completely playable using the original controls, running the original game ROMs and it is officially licensed by Capcom!

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade has been designed in perfect one-sixth PlayScale to match your collectible figures and it is a perfect display item for your bookshelf, bar or desk.

This amazing work of arcade art has been painstakingly reproduced, including the wooden cabinet in perfect profile, reproduced control panel with PlayScale controls, illuminated marquee and cabinet accents, die-cast metal coin doors with a secret stash boxes and professionally reproduced cabinet artwork.

The custom-made controllers blend modern technology with classic control schemes to recreate arcade-accurate functionality at sixth scale size. PlayScale provides a truly satisfying gameplay experience in a collectible size.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade is fully playable with Playscale Fight Stick and real microswitch buttons. These controls provide an authentic arcade gaming experience while playing original arcade ROMs.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade is an officially licensed product by Capcom. The cabinet features the original arcade artwork and game ROMs from the classic Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Upright and Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Upright.


  • Replica Dynamo Street Fighter II: Champion Edition arcade machine in 1:6 scale (12 inches tall)
  • Separate Street Fighter branded USB Mini Fight Stick with cable
  • USB charge cable
  • RepliCade mini arcade tokens (for decoration only)
  • Operators manual

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