Serious Sam 4 Deluxe Double Vinyl

by Laced Records

$89.95 AUD

Pre-order item, shipping from 25 November 2022 onwards

Shipping within Australia from $8.95

Laced Records and Croteam co-op once again to bring you the explosive score to Serious Sam 4 on deluxe vinyl.

Released in 2020, the balls-to-the-walls prequel-sequel saw Sam "Serious" Stone lay waste to global invader Mental and his hordes — with extreme prejudice and a chainsaw rocket launcher.

Croteam’s in-house composer Damjan Mravunac went full bore with the soundtrack, stuffing it full of thunderous orchestral rock, heavy drums, sweet-ass guitar tones, sweeping melodies, operatic choir, bluegrass (?!), and cinematic synths.

It also wouldn’t be a throwback FPS without a dash of thrash: Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck lends his axe to “Hero Too”; while Croatian Heavy Metal band Undercode return to the Serious Sam series, featuring on the tracks “Dominate the Battlefield”, “Foreverwar”, and “Panopticon”.

All music has been given a splash of magic dust by trusted mastering engineer Joe Caithness to add extra polish to this thunderous, epic rhapsody. 19 tracks will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs in translucent yellow.

The beautiful hand-drawn sleeve art is by Tom J Manning, the talented illustrator-designer for our previous Croteam release, The Talos Principle.


Track List

SIDE A - Forum / Pompeii / Volcano / Colosseum / Arena
SIDE B - Vatican / Countryside / Town / Citadel

DISC 2  
SIDE A - Cathedral / Oil Rig / Tunguska / Main Menu / Combine Rock
SIDE B - Hero Too (feat. Robin Finck) / Dominate The Battlefield (feat. Undercode) / Foreverwar (feat. Undercode) / Panopticon (feat. Undercode) / Make Me Understand