Legend of the Hero

by Fangamer

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This beautiful, gold foil-stamped, hardcover, unofficial book is the ultimate guide to Zelda including illustrations of the universe, flora & fauna, relics, historic feats, spirits & cultures, weapons, creatures, guardians and much more.

Legend of the Hero is a lovely reference book featuring incredible descriptions about potions, tools and weapons used by Link during his quest illustrated in painstaking detail.

Written by the talented Kari Fry after a year of commitment to illustrating and studying the Legend of Zelda, this tome and print set are perfect for a Zelda fan or anyone wanting to know more about the Legend of Zelda series.

This lovely reference book includes incredible details about potions, tools and weapons used by Link during his quest.

Updated for 2018 with 16 pages of new content and visual improvements!

"Legend tells of a collector of fine art who broke the sacred book free of its shrink wrapping..."

  • 240 full-colour pages
  • Detailed descriptions and custom illustrations of every facet of the universe: myths, races, items, weapons, relics, creatures, rulers, deities, guardians, maps
  • Gold foil-stamped black faux leather cover
  • Dust jacket which doubles as a poster
  • 5.5" x 8.5" hardcover
Printed and bound in the USA