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by Indie by Design

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Independent By Design is a celebration of independent videogames and the people behind them, presented through a deluxe hardback book that chronicles the experiences and vivid design of over twenty of the world's most revered and renowned indie game developers.

This book was specially created to celebrate and explore the artistry and stories of more than 20 indie game developers, individuals and videogame industry experts.

Featuring 240 pages of bespoke content created from dozens of hours spent with a host of studios and individuals, Independent By Design offers a unique take on their creative processes and personal motivations in a beautifully designed, luxury hardback videogame book.

Perfect for poring over at length or dipping in and out of, Independent By Design is an essential read for those interested in the development of videogames and intrigued by the fascinating stories behind their creation. 

This book is a good reference piece for anyone who wanted to try their hand and video-game development. 

This particular edition was signed by authors Stace Harman and John Robertson and is a rare and unique collectible for the gaming afficianado. 

Key Features

  • Luxury Printing: Printed on high quality 170gsm paper, bound in hardback featuring both soft touch and spot UV finishes and totaling 240 threadsewn pages.
  • 20 different Indie Game Studios covered: The publishers have comprehensively researched into the motivations, goals, creative processes and day-to day running of some of the world’s finest indie developers. Some of the studios covered include - 11 bit studios, Acid Nerve, Acid Wizard Studio, Adriel Wallick, Cellar DoorGames, Chris Hecker, Croteam, Deconstructeam, Dennaton, Failbetter Games, Frictional Games, Introversion Software, Inxile Entertainment, Lucas Pope, Messhof, Roll7, Subset Games, The Chinese Room, Tom Francis, Vlambeer.
  • Concepts: Go behind-the-scenes and see firsthand the original notes and sketches behind Introversion Software's Prison Architect, see how Deconstructeam translated their hand-written scribbles from the page into the game that became Gods Will Be Watching and track the entire sprite sheet Messhof used to animate characters in Nidhogg & much more. 
  • Full Art Spreads: This book meant to read through words and images. As such, sets of double page art spreads appear throughout the book and depict

    concept art, handwritten game design notebooks, entire sprite sheets and more. You needn’t read a word to appreciate the efforts of the independent game creation community.