Double Dragon Arcade 3D Diorama

by 8bit Boutique

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Double Dragon Arcade marquee art

Double Dragon is a 1987 cooperative beat-em-up developed by Technos Japan and is considered one of the first successful examples of this genre; leading to several sequels and encouraging other developers to create their own beat-em-ups.

It was incredibly well received in arcades and went on to be sold on multi gaming platforms and can probably be considered one of the best (and beloved) games of all time. 

This is a deluxe 3D Diorama Art Piece based on the screen and surround of the classic arcade game.

The is a diorama reproduction of the action screen shot from the game surrounded by the original bezel surround from the game, and framed inside a 8 x 8 inch solid wood frame.

The art is  printed on high grade glossy card stock, and cut and layered many times to create an eye popping 3D effect. The frame is solid wood, with a gorgeous mount, and glass frontage.

Perfect for hanging or displaying on a shelf, and comes complete with hanger and stand.

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