Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game

by Brotherwise Games

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Boss Monster is easy to pick up and an entertaining retro dungeon building game, featuring 8-bit video game graphics.  Players build rooms, lure in heroes and count up how much damage it takes to terminate them.

After room and spell deck cards are drawn, players can select their own boss monster before developing their strategy to win the game. Level ups occur when their dungeon reaches its maximum size. Defeated hero cards are faced down where they become a soul. The first player to obtain ten souls is the winner.

An addictive and fun game for people who are nostalgic for the 8-bit era of gaming and a great new addition for keen board-gamers looking to add something new to their collection. 


Boss Deck with 8 cards with 8 cards, Room Deck with 75 cards, Spell Deck with 31 cards, Hero Deck with 25 cards, Epic Hero Deck with 16 cards, rulebook and quick start guide. Two to four players, Recommended age thirteen plus. Dimensions 5x 1.5 x 8.2 inches.