A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games: Collector's Edition

by Bitmap Books

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Welcome to the world of Japanese Role-Playing Games!

Collector’s Edition

This particular version is the very special Collector’s Edition limited to 2,000 units, which will never be printed again. Each of these Collector’s Editions of A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games will come housed within a heavy-board slipcase, embossed with metallic silver foil details.

Also included are a series of ‘feelies’ such as a bookmark, set of postcards, A2 poster and a custom-made pixel heart 2GB USB drive*. Each USB drive will come pre-loaded with a selection of indie JRPGs demos that are currently in development, such as Jack Move, Shrine's Legacy and 8-Bit Adventures 2, plus a desktop wallpaper copy of Stephanie Sybydlo’s gorgeous cover artwork.

About the JRPG Book

Video role-playing games, adapted for computers from their pen-and-paper forebears, have been around since the earliest days of digital gaming. Despite initial similarities to Western games, Japan’s output began diverging in dramatic ways, inspired by its own culture and art, producing a style of game that’s often wildly different from its Western counterpart. From Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy, from Megami Tensei to Pokémon, A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games explores the expansive history of Japanese role-playing games, beginning on 8-bit microcomputers, and following them all the way up to the heavy hitters of the modern era.

A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games is an ambitious project that aims to cover the entire history of Japanese role-playing games from 1982 to 2020. As well as reviews of over 600 games, covering a wide range of sub-genres, including strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem, Rogue-likes such as Mystery Dungeon, and first-person dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey, it includes articles on the genre, its music and art. Overall, the book weighs in at over 370,000 words and contains contributions from a wide selection of fans and journalists, combining to create the ultimate coffee table book on Japanese role-playing games.

A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games is 652 pages in length (Bitmap's largest book to date) and comes in hardback as standard. The cover features a specially created piece of artwork by Stephanie Sybydlo, which is finished with special pantone inks and metallic silver foil details. Each divider within the book also features a specially created ‘overworld map’ by the guys at Army of Trolls. As with all our books, we use thread-sewn binding for extra durability and print lithographically on high-quality paper to showcase the gorgeous visuals as they deserve.

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Book specifications

Collector's Edition: 652 pages. 254mm × 203mm. Edge-to-edge high quality lithographic print. Hardback. Heavy-board slipcase, embossed with metallic silver foil details. Sewn binding for enduring quality and the ability to lay flat for ideal double-page image viewing. Silver foil blocked cover and spine. Bookmark ribbon. Shrink wrapped.

Note: this book is also available as a Standard Hardcover Edition

*USB drives are used at owners risk. PixelCrib cannot be held responsible for any hardware issues caused by their use. Game demos on the USB are the property of the respective owners and are not to be distributed without permission.