Street Fighter Deck Building Game

by Cryptozoic

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In the CapCom® Street Fighter™ Deck-building Game, you take on the role of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Balrog, M. Bison or one of the other well-known characters as you seek out challenges in exotic destinations. The goal in deck-building type card games is to grow your personal deck until you have the right combination of cards to be a well-oiled fighting machine. 

At first, you will only have basic combat moves. In time though, you will add more and more powerful cards on your journey, while attempting to defeat as many different Stage Bosses as possible. 

You start off with 10 cards and then draw a hand of five cards on every turn, with these being the five different type of cards available: Locations, Equipment, Super Powers, Heroes and Villains. 

Once you are confident with your selection of cards, you can then give a go at one-on-one fighting a Stage Boss (this is Street Fighter after all...). Be warned though, Stage Bosses will retaliate when they are attacked! Hopefully you will have some Defence cards in your arsenal like Chun-Li's Electric Thunder or Bracelets. To counter-attack, you might want to draw upon a special Ultra card which is your character's signature finishing moves.

Fans of this legendary series will love this take on the classic beat-em-up. Perfect for an afternoon with friends (and maybe while listening to the Street Fighter II Vinyl Soundtrack in the background!).

How to Play: Download Rules


  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Ages 15+
  • Play time: 30-45 minutes

What's included

  • 221 Game Cards
    • 36 Punch Starting Cards
    • 16 Vulnerability Starting Cards
    • 14 Ultra Cards
    • 111 Main Deck Cards
    • 16 Kick Cards
    • 8 Stage Cards
    • 20 Weakness Cards
  • 14 Oversized Super Heroes
  • 1 Rulebook

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