Artcade - The Book of Classic Arcade Game Art (Extended Edition)

by Bitmap Books

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Back in 2015, Bitmap Books teamed up with arcade enthusiast Tim Nicholls to publish the first edition of Artcade, a labour of love that was borne out of Nicholls’ quest to restore his massive archive of original arcade game artwork comprised of titles from the last four decades. We are now proud to bring you the brand new Extended Edition to this much loved book. 

Tim undertook a painstaking process of restoring the pieces, resulting in an incredible art book which retro gamers will love while providing a snapshot into the world of arcades. It will trigger many fond memories of the arcade era which we may never experience again, yet its influence has monumentally shaped modern gaming. Iconic names such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Street Fighter are now part of our popular culture and they all began as coin co-op games in the humble arcade.

Within this Extended Edition, Bitmap built on the amazing foundation laid down by Nicholls, which comes massively expanded with new restored artwork and exclusive written content. Nicholls’ efforts to bring the artwork of classic coin-ops back to life remains at the core of this revised version, but it is also accompanied by a wealth of additional art contributed to by other collectors, restorers and fans. As well as adding a larger selection of memorable marquee artwork, also included is a lot more side panel and cabinet art, giving you a better overall picture of the complete machine, and what it would have looked like in its full glory.

Artcade Extended also has a new format to the book, which is a direct response to feedback on the first edition regarding images running across the spine. Now, the design has one image per page to address this feedback.

While the art naturally remains the main focus of Artcade, there’s a lot more written content to digest this time around, including a brand-new exclusive interview with the legendary Larry Day, who worked on seminal titles such as Moon Patrol and the pinball machine Catacomb. Day’s insights into the history of the amusement arcade industry help bring these bold illustrations to life, while an in-depth ‘how-to’ chapter – contributed to by Escape Pod, one of the world’s leading creators of high-quality restored arcade artwork – serves as a great taster for those of you who are entertaining the idea of picking up a battered coin-op classic and bringing it back to life. 

Artcade comes housed within a Glow-in-the-Dark slipcase, this is made from heavy-board board and offers great protection to the book.

It ends with write-up on each game which you could use to help you plan for your own collection of classic arcade machines.


356 pages. 297mm x 155mm, Lithographic print, Sewn binding, Spot varnish cover, Glow-in-the-Dark heavy-board slipcase, Shrink wrapped.